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Munich Music Video Awards - Captain Danger "Holly"

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

(Munich, DE)

Captain Danger's music video "Holly" is a finalist at this year's Munich Music Video Awards.

As described in Elmore Magazine, "the propulsive groove and falsetto vocals of 'Holly' provide a driving backdrop for the funny, vintage sci-fi spin in this memorable music video, with cinematography by the Emmy-nominated Dane Lawing."

Music N Gear describes Captain Danger as "one of the most promising acts this year."

American Pancake says ". . .a lot of fun . . .(Captain Danger) is a perfect blend of pop, rock and funk, embracing killer vox and musicality that hearken back to a time when pop music in general was a fusion of styles and not so compartmentalized."

Similarly, as reviewed in Rock and Blues Muse, Captain Danger is creating "contemporary funk-rock at its finest that speaks to the times we are living in, dosed with a fine sheen of humor . . . with shades of Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and The Police with a modern twist."

See the music video HERE.

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