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"Love Sweet Love" official release day! Captain Danger has landed.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Today is the day! Love Sweet Love [Captain Danger] has landed on the planet's surface.



Look out for new interviews, new reviews and radio station adds coming up!

Not least of all, upcoming livestream performance!!!

“A perfect blend of pop, rock and funk with killer vox & musicality,” Captain Danger is a “modern funk-rock power trio” with a “catchy, quirky” approach on their “vivid” debut release, “addressing issues such as alienation with hope, joy and humor.” With “palpable good vibes,” “Holly” (the first single) “takes off with an earworm of a chorus,” featuring “a funky soulful groove that combines rock elements with classic pop lyricism.” As a whole, Captain Danger’s debut Love Sweet Love “showcases the band as storytellers with something original to say about the human condition." Captain Danger “definitely has their own sound.” [FROM RECENT REVIEWS]

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