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ELMORE MAGAZINE: "Captain Danger blasts off with 'Holly'"

Love Sweet Love, and love the fun!

It’s easy to get addicted to the catchy, quirky rock Captain Danger serves up. With a dollop of funk and soul, throughout Love Sweet Love, the band addresses even negative issues such as alienation with hope, joy and humor.

Our premiered track, “Holly,” features a retro sci-fi take on band founder Aaron Steinberg’s psychic journey, a lament on a city-dweller’s sense of alienation. After years in New York City, songwriter Aaron Steinberg headed for Los Angeles, where he soon met drummer Roger “Joose” Benford, an LA native, and the two performed together in various configurations until DC-born bassist Keith “E-Day” Eaddy subbed in one night, at the last minute. Eaddy’s broad multi-instrumental talents and musical curiosity seemed a perfect match.

The propulsive groove and falsetto vocals of “Holly” provide a driving backdrop for the funny, vintage sci-fi spin in this memorable music video, directed by the Emmy-nominated Dane Lawing. As Steinberg told Elmore, “‘Holly’ quickly shows the band’s typical stylistic blend or trademark—a funky soulful groove with plainly obvious rock elements, along with a focus on being succinct. While the song is sincere, its flavor is really kind of wistful, which means it’s all good to pair it with a fun, weird, light-hearted, absurd music video.” And they did that! Have a look and listen:

Captain Danger is Aaron Steinberg on guitar/vocals; Roger “Joose” Benford on drums (SiR, Patrick Paige, Shafiq Husayn); Keith “E-Day” Eaddy on bass/vocals/keys (Macy Gray, Dam-Funk, Jody Watley, Loose Ends, Baisden After Dark band)

Later in 2021, look for the documentary Tomorrow’s Hope, which will feature Captain Danger’s original song “Hope To See Change,” co-written by Eaddy and Steinberg and performed by the band, featuring vocals by India Carney.

Learn more about Captain Danger HERE


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