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Captain Danger - music video "Holly" at Rome Music Video Awards

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Captain Danger's music video for the song "Holly" is appearing at the Rome Music Video Awards!

As described in Elmore Magazine, "the propulsive groove and falsetto vocals of 'Holly' provide a driving backdrop for the funny, vintage sci-fi spin in this memorable music video, with cinematography by the Emmy-nominated Dane Lawing."

Robb Curtius writes in American Pancake ". . .a lot of fun . . .(Captain Danger) is a perfect blend of pop, rock and funk, embracing killer vox and musicality that hearken back to a time when pop music in general was a fusion of styles and not so compartmentalized."

Similarly, as reviewed in Rock and Blues Muse, Captain Danger is creating "contemporary funk-rock at its finest that speaks to the times we are living in, dosed with a fine sheen of humor . . . with shades of Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and The Police with a modern twist."

See the music video HERE.

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